Winner Performance Subaru EJ Cylinder 4 Cooling Mod

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Our In House built Subaru EJ Engine Cyl 4 Cooling Mod. This package utilizes billet aluminum fittings, a silicone hose, and a T fitting. This allows Coolant to flow more freely through the LH cylinder head, and allows temperatures to be more consistent throughout. This is especially helpful for cyl 4 that suffers from heat, detonation, and even knock, all known to aid in causing the dreaded "Ringland Failure". 

Our in-house design features a 45-degree bend right out of the backside of the head, unlike the others, to keep coolant hoses out of your Steering equipment. This is to ensure no rubbing on abrasive materials that could cut or otherwise cause a leak in the system.

This fits Most Subaru's with the EJ engine, Naturally Aspirated or Turbo Charged, so keep your EJ running cool and order one today!

We offer installation In-House @ Winner Subaru in Dover, DE

Please call (302) 743-8200 for more information about installs and Performance Warranty in our shop!